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It’s getting more and more common, that people will access your website through a phone or a mobile device.

With the click to call function mention in a previous post where users are able to just click a link or ‘tap’ and the number you designated as a link will appear on their mobile. Making it easier for them to just press call instead of memorizing or copying your number over to their dial pad.

Now we are gonna show you another a href or another hyperlink function. Which is the tap to whatsapp function.

Of course you need a phone number with an active WhatsApp account for this to work.

You will have to omit any zeroes, brackets or dashes when adding the phone number in a international format.
For example
Instead of

So now transforming it into a link with a text would be

<a href="">Text Here</a>

And transforming it into an image would be

<a href=""><img src="image url here"></a>

Hope that helps.