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Getting hacked is never fun. You could lose your data, your site could be down and worse! Such as losing credibility. Nobody wants to visit a site that’s prone to being hacked or have been hacked.

Here are 3 simple steps, that you could do on your own, even if you have no technical knowledge.

1. Update Whenever Possible

Every new release of WordPress contains patches and fixes that address potential vulnerabilities. If you don’t keep your website updated with the latest version of WordPress, you could be leaving yourself open to attacks.

Never ignore this

Never ignore this

The same applies to themes and plugins that you have installed. Make sure it is always up to date to the latest versions. If you keep everything up-to-date your site is much less likely to get hacked.

2. Strengthen Up Your Passwords

Most hacked wordpress sites are due to weak passwords.

If your password is anywhere near “abc123” or “password” or “123456” you better change it ASAP to something secure.
Take a look at the 25 most common password.
Come up with something that’s easy to remember but hard to crack.

3. Never Use Admin As Your Username

This might be IS the standard login used as the username by most users. Cause this was previously the default username created by WordPress for users. (Version 3.0 and before) and it kind of sticks to users as something that is easy to remember.

Fixing this is as simple as creating a new administrator account for yourself using a different username. Logging in, and delete the original “admin” account.

There you go, 3 simple easy steps of improving the security of your wordpress website.