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You might be familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization, but what are you really optimizing?

1.) This can be considered the most basic step and the one that could cause your whole site to fail in optimizing.

search engine visibility

See that red box? Do not check that box. Honestly I am surprised to see this box checked in some of my client’s wordpress site. By checking this, you are discouraging search engine to index your site. Simply means, You do not want your site to appear in search engines.

2.) Images, images and images.
Don’t be lazy. Edit the file name. Don’t just leave it as DSC01223010.jpg. Edit it to be related to your keywords that you are targeting.
We need to understand the way how this whole internet and search engine works. You search for something in search engines, and these search engines will open up a drawer and find the files for you and these files could either be a webpage, image or pdf.
So…. Who do you think will be searching for DSC01223010 in a search engine?

3.)Permalinks. Links links links.
optimize permalinks

The advice here is, If you frequently update your site or blog. Let’s say twice a day or more than that.
Go with the day and name.
If you do updates maybe once a month, then you go with a month and name.

Anyways to cut this short. Always have ‘name’ in the permalinks.
Reason – Optimizing…. You create a post with such a nice keyword orientated title and do you want it to end up with a ? And this brings us back to the file reasoning… Who would search for p122?