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To Remain Sane

I’m embracing the absence of sanity

The Mind of The Outsider

Analyst, Writer, Producer, Designer, Strategist, Nobody.

Start Small, Make Lots of Mistakes

Over the years, from one industry to another, from a niche to another. What I learn is that. Mistakes are unavoidable and taking one step forward is better than none. Have to stop myself from being in the mindset of everything has to be perfect. I'm in the phase of...

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Never Too Late A Hesitant Beginning

25th February 2020. After a long couple of years went by. Had always been looking for a way, a method or a program to make music. Ever since the days of Jamstudio. But I was kinda looking for something better. Something more then just loops on a keyboard. Always had...

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Blue Teddy: The Small Things

We started out with getting inspiration for poses, so to pinterest we went. We found this really cute trendy children poses And we got to work. Started out with outlines with simple shapes. Polishing the shapes, and adding strokes to give it a more organic...

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