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The Difference Between an Informational, A Blog And An Ecommerce Website

These are the 3 main types of websites, each serving a purpose as a calling card, a hobby or a shop.
Each serves a different purpose and mostly function quite differently from one another but overall, they all can be integrated with one another or as a standalone.

The Basic Informational Website

Nowadays a website mostly doesn’t solely function as an informational website. An informational website is pretty much static but out of all three this can be considered one of the cheapest type of website to build.
Throw in a few pages mainly a homepage, about page and a contact us page and you’re done.

It functions as a lead generation or portfolio a place where your business or you can be easily contactable and found but with multiple social medias platform available nowadays it kind of becoming redundant.

But… with a website it creates a credibility for your business. And it belongs to you. With an external platform there is a chance where they might just shut down or you getting blocked or banned and if that does really happened, everything you’ve built can be gone in an instant. And that is why a website is still highly recommended.

An informational website is an extension of your business. Your followers, your audiences, your clients will always know where to find you. Even if you’ve moved your base of business or your business doesn’t have a brick and mortar office or shopfront. And the best part is. You make it look the way you want to be, unlike external platforms such as social medias, where customization is pretty much limited.

The Ever Involved Blog Website

Over the years the blog is the one type of website that’s evolved a lot. It began as a website where people just mainly used it as a diary, an update of day to day activities and it gain traction mainly because of its interaction with search engine optimization in the early days. Companies or small time business owner found out that the more content you have on your website the more search engine seems to like you.

It’s like going fishing with a fishing net instead of a fishing rod. The more content you have, the wider the net you are casting and search engine gobbled these up bringing the businesses more and more traffic.

Nowadays it’s becoming more of a connection between you and your customers and audiences. People love the transparency, the behind the scene or what’s going on. We all are just curious creatures.

And yes, social media is able to do and achieve all that for you but having it on your own backyard let’s you have a better control over it.
Creating optimization for your website is different from creating it for a social media platform. You gain the full benefits and your audiences have a smaller window to click away to something else.

And of course, search engine still loves content.

The Changing The Times Ecommerce

Ecommerce is really catching on. People slowly moving towards online shopping, even big brands that used to not believe in an online shop are now rushing to get one up.

Of course you could do your selling on social medias or websites such as Amazon or Etsy but the same reason that we’ve used previously still applies here. The What Ifs they shut down, or you’re banned and blocked for whatever reason.

And the amazing thing is, you’re not competing with other sellers once you have a buyer on your doorstep.

Ranging from small to medium and even to large size business owners or product creators they still do sell their products on an external platform but they do provide a link back to their own store for a full range of products. This way, you get the benefits of both world. Getting the exposure and creating a place for your prospective customers to know where to go to the next time they decide on something they need.

With a simple summarize of all these three basic website types.
You might have a better idea of where or what you intend to do with your website.
And of course, it doesn’t mean a simple informational website can’t have a blog or a ecommerce integrated with it or vice versa.

Overall a website is still an essential now. Creates credibility, giving a place for your customers or audiences to know where to look for you and overall you gain the full benefit of whatever or however you intend to optimize your website.