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Over the years, from one industry to another, from a niche to another. What I learn is that. Mistakes are unavoidable and taking one step forward is better than none.

Have to stop myself from being in the mindset of everything has to be perfect. I’m in the phase of learning, I will fall, I will bruise. All I have to do, is stand back up and take another step forward.

With this new mindset. I guess I should would could should not be afraid of sharing or showing whatever small steps that is taken.
So instead of focusing on the final end; a complete song. I should start with small little parts of a song. Getting a better understanding of the technical aspect of the DAW I’m using. And having a better grasp of music theory.

A simple first piece. Pretty raw without any ‘modification’? Not sure what jargon that’s supposed to be used here. Not even sure is this a short song? a song? a track? or a beat? Really need advice on that.