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I felt like this make sense sooner than later.

Thanks to these various youtube channels that I manage to gather a whole bunch of knowledge, wisdom and lots of youtube videos saved in my play list. Just for learning music.
In no particular order. Would like to say a big thank you to.

1.Pianote Some of you might be wondering, why a piano course when I’m using DAW. The lessons over at Pianote are the ones that really make music fun. The place when I kinda understood scales. And the fun part of playing the lower notes for chords. Lots and lots of chords stuff to be learned here, in a fun and easy to understand way.

2.In The Mix Here’s where I learned most of the technical aspect of FL Studio. I won’t say I’ve mastered them all. Since I’m still most of the time referencing to and fro. That kinda shows how good their videos are titled for easy access. Kinda like the dictionary manual for FL Studio.

3.Servida Music Very Funky place to be learning stuff. But there’s surely a few chunks and pieces of gold all over the place if you’ve paid enough attention. I kinda found and understand the difference between melody and chord over here, when he’s tweaking with stuffs from his viewers. (Some of you might be saying what’s so hard about understanding chords and melody. Try coming from a 0 musical background perspective, you might slightly have a clue what I’m talking about.)

4.Kyle Beats Think the 1800s or maybe way back, I’m not sure. On how education was perceive in the old age. With no textbooks or syllabus to know what to learn. You’ll only learn whatever you can or want to learn just from watching. With the teacher doing his craft, and the apprentice sitting quietly behind trying to learn or grasp whatever they could. The main difference between Servida Music and Kyle Beats is. Servida Music will at least at some point tells you what he is doing. But Kyle Beats, is totally in the zone. He might be mumbling something, when he’s doing something or just staring into his screen. But if you truly have the desire to learn, you’ll catch 1 or 2 gems in his video.

5.Andrew Huang Potential and Sounds. That about summarize the 2 main things with Andrew Huang’s Channel. You don’t find the dead end here, instead you’ll get inspired with an infinite choices of potential. How sounds are tweak to make new sounds for music. How one song can be mixed into various multiple versions. (His producers flip one sample videos) Great place to get inspiration going if you feel limited. Like for me, currently I’m only on the stock plugins for FL Studio. But, there’s lots of ways I could play around with it.

6.Drumeo Another one of the not so related to DAW channels. But if you have drums in your beats and songs. You’ll need this. You get to understand that different genre has a different type of groove to the beats. And one hidden gem you’ll learn here (due to rhythm) is that. Understanding drums actually make your music sounds very much more human.

Just a disclaimer, I’ve only ever used their free videos on youtube. I’m not endorsing their paid courses (If they have any) cause I never used the paid courses.
Yup…. Free information, free courses that is easily accessible for anyone.

And a big thank you to them for giving these information and knowledge for free.

If there’s more recommendation for more kinds of these channels, do share them in the comments. Will look through them once I get the chance.