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25th February 2020.
After a long couple of years went by. Had always been looking for a way, a method or a program to make music. Ever since the days of Jamstudio. But I was kinda looking for something better.
Something more then just loops on a keyboard. Always had thought the thing that I was looking for was called a synthesizer.

But 25th February was the day I came upon the term DAW.

Just to be clear. I know shit about music. Never been to music school. No idea what’s a music theory. Only instrument I had my hands on was just a recorder and an electronic keyboard when I was little. A recorder that’s like a flute which it’s mandatory to learn in school. And an electronic keyboard where mostly we’re just playing with sounds or whatever music that is pre-recorded.

Always had been
fascinated by piano players. The music they play. For example a simple Love Me Tender song. What’s that low key, low notes they are playing to accompany the song? Why their song sounds much more fuller than what I know how to play. Mine was like 1,3,2,3… something in the booklet that came with the e-keyboard but theirs!! was like on a whole other level.
This really provided that curiosity drive in me for many years.

And coming from an age before the internet, and music wasn’t really a primary ‘essential’ that’s needed in your future. All I could do was just experimenting and testing things out on my own.
Not born a genius or even talented this could only lead to nowhere.

So gone were the days of that pursuit of music, till I came upon Jamstudio. This was like years ago.

Filled with chords or I don’t even know what it means or why its called. But… Let’s just say it felt like an elaborated e-keyboard. Everything was a preset. You can’t play around with keys, you can’t make something out on your own. It kinda gets nowhere. Then… Jamstudio was shut down…. Another dead end.

So back to recent times. That itch always felt like it needed scratching.
I forgot who said it, or where I read it from. It goes along the lines “If every time you wake up from your sleep, and the first thing that comes to mind. That is highly to be your passion and your calling.”

But…. this is all just a half ass kind of mentality. With no music background. Even if you wake up with a good rhythm or beat in your head. And you have no idea on how to write it down. It will just fade away.

That desire blows a second wind. Synthesizer, that’s what I’m looking for. With technology, smart phones and apps. It shouldn’t be hard to make music.
And the search begin… keyboards, drums, guitars. Every app that is free is downloaded into the phone.

And once again…….. I know shit, I’m just playing it by ear whatever matches, whatever follows. I have no way of recording this. Other then a record button.

Went back to Jamstudio, it’s up! And it’s now a paid model? Is it worth it?… flash back of the elaborated e-keyboard. I’m stuck. I’m just building sandcastles out of thin air.

And thinking that technology would finally help me realize my dream……..

And it did. With a small little thing, a small piece of coding. Something that’s creating a big hoo hah about privacy over this past year. I’m talking about the cookie, the targeted ads.
Well…. For those of you that come to this blog, this shouldn’t be a foreign thing. Things like facebook pixel and such.

Was on youtube as usual playing a song while working. And an ad pop up. About these music packs. Why would anyone want to buy loops? That’s the first thought that came to mind.
Once, twice, I lost count… These ads kept popping up. With Deejays? Or composer in their studio setting talking about these music packs.

Ok…. What the heck, no harm taking a look.

They are…. Loops, sounds, presets… Seriously… What can people do with these? Scroll, scroll……… These packs are compatible with Ableton, Fl Studio….
Heck, I’m already in the rabbit hole. Why not. *Click……..

Eureka… A Whole new world opened up. Past dreams came rushing back. The whole time, I was looking for the wrong thing… I don’t need a synthesizer… I was really looking for a digital audio workstation… A DAW!

25th February 2020.
The day I downloaded FL Studio. The day I went from youtube videos to videos. Squeezing in knowledge like crazy down my simple and aging brain. Music theory. Technical knowledge. Sound frequency.

Experimenting, finding meanings to jargon. Chords, melody, notes, bass, eq… Finally I knew why they play the low notes. What type of low notes. And….. THERE’S so many ways to play the low notes.

All these in 3 weeks. Don’t get me wrong. as I am typing this… I am still stuffing all these knowledge in my brain. Still so much so many things to learn…

And… With this blog post. I’ll start revamping this site.
To chase a passion and document the journey.

Thank you all past readers in the marketing, web design and graphic design niche for all those years that you’ve been here with me, even when my passion for designing and coding was slowly dwindling…
I’m heading in a new direction now.

I won’t be deleting the past post of coding and design tutorials but instead it will be archive. Till analytics tell me nobody is using or visiting them.

Thank you for reading this long rant of mine… It comes with age… You just feel like ranting on and on as you get older.

I’ll end this post with,
“Never too late, a hesitant beginning.”

It comes with 2 interpretation. I’ll let you decide. Cheers.