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This is one of those epiphany moments. Where you start thinking about what you see and it relates.

A journey from beginning to end.
If without an end point or a target in mind the journey just felt blurry or doesn’t look complete.

If without a direction in sight the beginning always feels kinda wrong.

With colors added. It adds a certain feeling of depth. Like the middle of growth your journey, where you’ll slowly find and making sense of where you’ve left your footprints the foundation of your journey.

The more it renders, the more you understand. This is usually where you start smelling the cookies from the oven. Or the tip of the iceberg of an accomplishment of others which you usually know about.

But of course this isn’t really the end point or the finishing line. More can be added or more can be taken away. This is just the part of a journey or a part of growth where you start peeling away the skin from the fruits of your labor.