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We started out with getting inspiration for poses, so to pinterest we went.

We found this really cute trendy children poses

And we got to work.

Started out with outlines with simple shapes.

Polishing the shapes, and adding strokes to give it a more organic or ‘drawing feel’ since we can’t draw for shit.

Polishing it even further to be more organically drawn. As you can see the rigid silhouette of shapes getting merge together.

Adding colors and shadows. Further touching up of the strokes.

Blue Teddy on its own it seems to be too open for interpretation. We decided on balloons as the inanimate object… To give it a sense of wonder.

The overall composition felt forced. We needed something to tie them together.
One of the simplest idea. Get them to the front of a common background.

And its simply, the little things that we added or take away that build the whole image together.
Just like how its the little things that create wonder for blue teddy.