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Blue Teddy: The Small Things

We started out with getting inspiration for poses, so to pinterest we went. We found this really cute trendy children poses And we got to work. Started out with outlines with simple shapes. Polishing the shapes, and adding strokes to give it a more organic...

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Blue Teddy : The Idea Behind A Flawed Character

The idea was to use shapes to create an expression. The result is a character that is flawed. Meet Blue Teddy. A digital approach to drawing without actually drawing. Part of the flaw, is that blue teddy is a character without a face. The idea behind it,...

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A Life’s Journey

This is one of those epiphany moments. Where you start thinking about what you see and it relates. A journey from beginning to end. If without an end point or a target in mind the journey just felt blurry or doesn't look complete. If...

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