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The Mind Wanders

Analyst, Curator, Designer, Illustrator, Producer, Programmer, Writer, Thinker,
And The Heart is Lost.

Sounds of Nostalgia

Nostalgia is always one of those things that kinda felt out of place. Neither here nor there. A feeling of time being turned back but isn't. Guess we all do wish we could turn back time at a certain point in time. Regrets. Remorse. Or just wanting back the happy times...

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Let the Beat Vibe

Drums, Bass, Piano. 3 Simple instruments and a couple hours for a short 1 minute clip. But I am having fun. Especially when your feet starts tapping. Not even sure what to call it? Instrumental song? Short song? Loop? Music? Beat? Track? Might need some help in that...

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Shout Outs

I felt like this make sense sooner than later. Thanks to these various youtube channels that I manage to gather a whole bunch of knowledge, wisdom and lots of youtube videos saved in my play list. Just for learning music. In no particular order. Would like to say a...

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