What happens when your work reaches a plateau peak. Everything starts giving you the mundane feeling. Same old lines of codes, same old sequence you kept going through on a daily basis.
Things starts slowing down, so slow that you felt like it stopped.

What happens to business if it does go through that? When it felt, or you felt and I felt that its just perfect. Just at a perfect spot. The comfort zone.

Losing that fresh feeling, losing the ability to view from a different perspective. Just literally stopped growing.

Then you know, its that time… Stepping out of the comfort zone. Even as far as stepping out of niche.
To get a fresh new look into things. To get ideas on new possibility.

I’ve come across this feeling a couple times, especially though gaming.
For example in Dota. You can’t always be stuck playing that one same hero throughout. Even though you do get better in just that one hero, but your understanding becomes limited. To further be better, you need to step out. Try new heroes, try different heroes. Find their weaknesses, understand your weaknesses. How do you counter that. Spells cooldowns, item compatibilities and all that shit.

Heck! even your counter strike skills can be improved by trying out other fps games.

But… These are games, aren’t they different from real life? You might ask me.

Well, look around. Over the years, how our life have improved for the sake of convenience, products getting inspiration from other products. For some its inspiration is even from a totally different niche.

Changes move us. So don’t be afraid of it.